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General Details

Type Of Valve

Globe [Single Or Double Seat] Angle, Rotary Plug, Three Way

Size Range

½ inch to 30 inches

Pressure Rating

ANSI 150 to ANSI 3000 spl. class

Material - Body

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel. Special materials like Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel, Alloy-20 etc.

Material - Internals

Stainless steel of different varieties, special materials like Hastelloy, Monel, HVD-1, Titanium etc.

Trim Tightness

ANSI B 16.104 ClassII, IV with metal seat. Also available Class III & V, Class VI leakage with Teflon seat.


Pneumatic, electrical or manual.

End Connections

Flanged or welded ends as per ANSI, BS, DIN

Available Control Valve Models

Single Seated Globe Valves

VSL - Low Flow Top Guided Plug

VSL (HC)- Low flow Top guided High capacity

VST- Top Guided

VSC- Cage Guided

VSC(HT)- Cage Guided High Temp. Service

VSN- Cage Guided Low noise

VSN(HT)- Cage Guided Low noise High Temp. Service

VSP - Pilot operated cage guided

VSP(M) - Pilot operated cage guided (modified)

VST (SPL.)- Cage Guided unbalanced type low noise

HSC- Cage guided high capacity

Single seated angle Valves

VAA- Top guided

VAV- Ventury Throat Top Guided

VSA- Cage guided

VAZ- Cage Guide Low Noise

VAH- Ventury Throat High Pressure

Double Seated Globe Valves

VDC- Cage Guided

VDN- Cage Guided Low Noise

Double Seated Angle Valves

VAC - Cage Guided

VAN - Cage Guided Low Noise

3 Way Valves

VTM- Mixing Service

VTD - Diverting Service

VTD (spl) - Diverting Service

VTD (PB) - Diverting Pressure Balance Type

VTM(PB) - Mixing Pressure Balance Type

Double Ported Valve

VDP - Top and Bottom guided

Eccentric Rotary Valve

VFR - Flowing Type

Special Valves

Multi Stage Valves

VHD - High Pressure Drop Valve

VHD(M)- High Pressre Drop Valves (Modified)

VHD(S) - High Pressure drop Valve (Micro Flow)

VMD - Multi Stage High Pressure Drop Valve (Max Pressure Drop 200Kg/cm2)

Slurry & Urea Services Valve

SDV- Self Drain


VTP - Trip Valve

VTP(HC) - Trip Valve (High Capacity)

VSM - Single Seated Micro Flow Valve

RV- Root Valve

General Details  

Type of valve

Wafer, Flanged Short Body, Flanged Long Body, Buttweld end

Dsign Standard

AWWA C504 upto 1800 mm, AWWA C516 2000 mm and Above, BSEN 592/ BS 5155

Type of construction

Cast, Fabricated

Pressure Rating

As per AWWA - Class 25A, 25B, (For Fab.), 75A, 75B, 150A, 150B& 250B (For Cast); As per BSEN - PN2.5 to PN40 (For Cast); ANSI - 150


Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel. Alloy Steel

Material Vane

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel

Material Seat

Rubber-Nitrile, Btyl, Silicon, Neopreme & Viton, Teflon (Up to 500mm)


Manual Gear Box, Electrical & Pneumatic (Single Acting and Double Acting)

Flange Drilling

As per AWWA C207 Class-B/D, ANSI B 16.5 Class 150, ANSI B 16.1 Class 125, BSEN 1092-1/1092-2

Available Valve Models

VBS - Soft Seated Butterfly Valve

VBW - Clearance Type Butterfly Valve

VBM - Metallic Seated Butterfly Valve

VBF - Frozen Seal Butterfly Valve


General Details


Pneumatic Power Drive type Power Cylinders for regulating and ON/OFF applications

Size Range

2.5 inches bore to 22 inches bore and stroke length range from 4 inches to 80 inches

Type of construction


Construction Material

Carbon steel cylinders & covers, Martensitic stainless steel piston, Viton

Pneumatic Supply pressure

7 kg/cm2 Maximum


Manual Operation for PCD&PCDE Models

Alternative Backup system for Air Failure Action

Special material construction for Chemical Plant Application

Tailor made mountings and strokes available


Available Models

PCC- Power Cylinder Cushion Type for ON/OFF application

PCCT- Liner Turnnion type with cushions for ON/OFF application

PCD(C)- Pneumatic Control drive model for ON/OFF application

PCDE (C)-Power cylinder with sheet metal enclosure for ON/OFF application

PCLT -Liner Turnnion type for Regulating application

PCTT- Top Turnnion type for regulating application

PCD- Pneumatic Control drive model for regulating application

PCDE-Power cylinder with sheet metal enclosure for regulating application



Full bore, Full lift valve with discharge coefficient of 0.974


½ inch x 1 inch to 8 inches x 10 inches

Orifice Designation

D,E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, T

End Connection

Screwed or Flanged

Design Code

ASME Section-I, VIII and API 526

Set Pressure Range

0.7 kg/ to 422 kg/ 0.7 kg/ to 40 kg/ for Full bore Safety Valves

Material - Body

Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Materials

Material - Trim

SS-316,SS-316 Stellited, 17-4 PH, special materials

Seat Design

Metal/Soft Seat

Other Features

Balancing Bellows, Plain or Packed Lever, open or closed bonnet etc.

Special Certification

IBR/ISPESL (Italian Statutory Authority)

Models Size Set Pr.

2500 Series (Flanged end)

1"X2" to 8"X10"

.5 ~ 422 Kg/

2500 F Series (femaleXfemale srewed end)

3/4"X1" to 2"X2"

.5 ~ 351 Kg/

2600 Series (maleXfemale srewed end)

1/2"X1" to 1"

.5 ~ 140 Kg/

3500 Series (full bore SRV flanged end)

1"X2" to b"X10"

.5 ~ 40 Kg/


Bellows Sealed Valves

Global Type, Angle Type, Y Type


DN6 to DN100

Teflon Valve

ANSI 150 ~ ANSI 3000


Antisurge Valve

Special High pressure drop valve for gas service in pressure rating of ANSI 2500 lbs. With Low-dB trim up to Class VI leakages.

Teflon Valve

For extreme corrosive conditions

Valve As Per NACE Std MR 0103 & MR 0175

For Sour service in petroleum industries in hydrogen sulphide atmosphere, Oxygen, Nitorgen for Cryogenic Application

Pressure Reducing And Desuperheating Station

Control valves for steam pressure reduction and spray water control from ILP range for rating upto 3000 psi with Venturi/MNS type Desuperheater on exclusive marketing tie-up with M/s. Kiekens Bv. Holland.

Valves For Very High Erosive/Corrosive Service

Special ceramic lined valves for counteracting very high rate of erosion and corrosion effects.


Manifolds for separately mounting also can be supplied as per customer requirement. Superior material of construction provides corrosion resistance and withstands high pressure & temperature applications. Back seat prevents stem blow out and provides secondary stem seal.

Directly Mounted Type:

Separately Mounted Type:

Directly Mounted Type:

Separately Mounted Type:

Note: Instrumentation Limited, Palakkad has a right to alter the contents of this document with or without notice.



Flow Nozzle


2" ~ 32"

Pipe Material

ASTM A 106 Gr: B

ASTM A 106 Gr: C

ASTM A 335 P11

ASTM A 335 P22

ASTM A 335 P91

Nozzle Material

ASTM A 182 F316/31 6H

Beta Ratio

0.20 ~ 0.80

Coeff. Of Discharge (Cd)

0.93 ~ 0.99

Standard Followed

ISO 5167-3, ASME PTC 19.5 & BS 1042



Orifice Plate

Size Range

1" ~ 32"

Pressure Rating

ANSI 150,300,600,900 & 1500.

End Connection

Flanged End (RF,RJ & Slip On) And Butt Weld


Flange Tapping, Corner Tapping & Radius Tapping

Flange Material

ASTM A 105

ASTM A 182 F11

ASTM A 182 F22

ASTM A 182 F316

Orifice Plate Material

ASTM A 240 Type 316

ASTM A 240 Type 304

ASTM A 240 Type 321

Beta Ratio

0.10 ~ 0.75

Coeff. Of Discharge (Cd)

0.58 ~ 0.63

Standard Followed

ANSI B 16.36, ISO 5167-2, ASME PTC 19.5 & BS 1042



Venturi Tube

Size Range

36" ~ 48"

End Connection

Flanged End And Butt Weld



ASTM A 217 WC6 [ Pipe Material]

ASTM A 217 WC9


ASTM A 351 CF8

ASTM A 240 Type 316

ASTM A 240 Type 304

Beta Ratio

0.30 ~ 0.75

Coeff. Of Discharge (Cd)

0.984 ~ 0.995

Standard Followed

ISO 5167-4, ASME PTC 19.5 & BS 1042.